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Wes’s passion for cinematography was ignited by his love for telling compelling stories through film media, using his unique style of artistic expression and dynamic use of light. 

His exposure to the craft began at the Savannah Arts Academy high school in coastal Georgia where he majored in Film Communications. His skill and personal style was further developed while attending college at Appalachian State University.

From there, he has chased the light and has found inspiration all over the world from the Rocky Mountains to Alaska and even as far away as Nepal, where his first feature documentary film, Helambu, is set.

Wes’s work exemplifies his desire to engage with a global community of enterprising individuals who share his passion for telling stories of human perseverance and natural beauty with the world.

Wes has experience with a wide variety of camera platforms including RED, Sony, Canon, Phantom, and DJI shooting documentary, commercial, and music video projects.