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Wes’s passion for filmmaking, which began at a young age, was born out of a love for people. When all of his middle school friends were auditioning to attend the arts high school in Savannah, Georgia, he scrambled to find a discipline that might also give him a chance to attend, despite the fact he could not paint, sing, or dance. Fortunately, there was often a family camcorder present throughout his childhood that he would get his hands on from time to time, so video production was his decided-upon “art” that would allow for him to stay with his tribe. The combination of fostering close relationships and a fascination with the technological advances of cinematography during the early 2000's would lead to a rapidly growing career behind the lens directing and shooting documentary and commercial projects all over the world.

Wes has experience with a wide variety of camera platforms including RED, Sony, Canon, Phantom, and DJI shooting documentary, commercial, and music video projects.