Born from the coast and mountains of the Southeast United States and currently based in Bozeman, Montana, I draw on a strong passion for the natural world to produce creative and inspiring imagery that captivates audiences all over the globe. Ranging from documenting the 2015 earthquake relief in Nepal to following the experience of students learning about Alaska, my work tells an important story of meaningful experiences and a connection with both humanity and the environment.
Proficient in photography, filmmaking and writing, I combine my expertise as a media professional with a keen understanding of marketing and brand strategy. With this unique combination of skills I am able to work with a wide array of clients, both under an editorial guise as well as commercial.
Supporting my media and marketing expertise is a strong drive to travel and explore the outdoors. My extensive background in outdoor education and leadership gives me a unique advantage to go further, stay longer, and capture the imagery that truly tells the full story. 

2018 - Camera Production Assistant, Editor - Montana Tourism, Implement Productions - Bozeman, MT
Commercial Ad Campaign - 4 days of filming followed by editing both television and web final deliverables. Director: Phill Baribeau
2018 - Director, DP, Editor - Welcome to Camp Pinnacle! - Flat Rock, NC
Promotional Video - Concept development, 6 days of filming, and full post-production execution to deliver a full anthem video plus a selection of short social media deliverables. Filmed on a Sony A7III.
2018 - Director, DP, Editor - Western Sustainability Exchange, Classic Ink - Livingston, MT
Commercial Documentary - Collaborative concept development with agency, 4 days of filming around Southwest Montana, full post-production management to deliver a 6 minute anthem video. Filmed on a Sony FS7.
2018 - Director of Photography - With Arsenal, North of You, LLC - Bozeman, MT
Commercial Video - 3-day shoot involving set creation, lighting and camera direction for a series of product videos. Filmed on a Black Magic URSA Mini. Director: Keith Weissglass, Producer: Ryan Stout
2018 - Production Assistant - Meat Masters, Plebian Productions - Asheville, NC
Reality TV - Assisting in lighting and camera set-up, filming restaurant exteriors, and various production tasks during the filming of a Food Network pilot show. Director: Christin Mihon, Producer: Mathew Gonzalez
2017 - Production Assistant - Cheap Eats, Sirens Media - Southeast US
Reality TV - Assisting in the camera department and various production tasks during the filming of 2 episodes aired on The Cooking Channel. Producer/Director: Chris Sellers
2017 - Camera Production Assistant - Island Life, Left/Right Productions - Southeast US
Reality TV - Assisting the camera department in lighting set-up, gear management, and other various tasks during the filming of 3 episodes aired on HGTV. Producer/Director: Dunia Rodriguez
2017 - DV Director - Explore AOSS - Haines, AK
Commercial Documentary - 10-day production in Southeast Alaska producing a commercial documentary for Alaska Outdoor Science School. Managed entire production process from early concept development through the editing process. Filmed in a variety of locations on a Sony A7RII including in the backcountry fully self-supported.
2017 - Shooting AP - Dyed in the Wool, Outlaw Partners - Belgrade, MT
Short Documentary - Short documentary accompanying a Mountain Outlaw magazine article featuring a shepherdess on her farm. Set up interviews, filmed entire piece on a Sony FS5, directed the post-production process. Director: Joseph T. O’Connor, Producer: Eric Ladd
2016 - DV Director - 2016 Big Sky PBR, Outlaw Partners - Big Sky, MT
Event Documentary - Produced a documentary covering the Professional Bull Riding circuit best event of the year in Big Sky, Montana. Shot on a Sony FS5, directed a team of shooters, and managed the editing process. Producer: Eric Ladd
2016 - DV Director - The River, Outlaw Partners - Salmon, ID
Commercial Documentary - 6-day shoot on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River producing a commercial documentary for Boundary Expeditions, an Idaho commercial rafting outfitter. Shot on a Sony FS5 and A7Sii, wrote and recorded a voice-over script, and edited the final deliverable. Producer: Eric Ladd
2016 - DV Director - BFCC: The Need for Student Housing, Outlaw Partners - Browning, MT
Commercial Documentary - 2-day documentary shoot capturing the story providing greater access to higher education on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Developed the story outline, shot both interview scenes and remote locations on a Sony A7Sii, and edited final deliverable. Producer: Amy Hafemeyer
2015 - Shooting AP - The Shooter, Outlaw Partners - Jackson, WY
Short Documentary - 2-day shoot interviewing and filming wildlife photographer Thomas Mangelsen in Jackson, WY to accompany an article in Mountain Outlaw magazine. Set up lighting and audio recording during the interviews as well as filming Mangelsen in the field. Shot on a Canon 5DIII and edited the final deliverable. Director: Joseph T. O’Connor, Producer: Eric Ladd
2015 - Shooting AP - Two Thousand Miles, Outlaw Partners - Big Sandy, MT
Short Documentary - Filmed and edited an interview and supporting footage of US Senator Jon Tester on his farm in Big Sandy, Montana. Director: Joseph T. O’Connor, Producer: Eric Ladd
2015 - DV Director - Shambala to Shambles, Outlaw Partners - Nepal
Documentary - 9-day shoot in a variety of locations in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes documenting the relief efforts that were underway. Scenes included relocation camps in Kathmandu, rebuilding efforts in surrounding villages, and aerials filmed from a helicopter at some of the most affected locations in the Himalayas. Shot on a Canon 5DIII, wrote and recorded the narration, and edited the final deliverable. Producer: Eric Ladd

Proficient in both video and photography on a variety of camera systems including Sony FS series, Sony A7 series, Canon 5D series and Black Magic URSA Mini.
Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom and Photoshop.
Experienced drone pilot with the DJI Phantom series.
Formerly a wilderness guide and instructor with 7 years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines in Alaska, Canada and Southeast US.

2014 - Appalachian State University: BS Business Administration - Marketing, Media Studies Minor | Boone, NC
2008 - Savannah Arts Academy: Communication Arts | Savannah, GA
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